September 19, 2016

As radioactive water
leaked into the bowels of the earth
I thought about the spiders living there
being roused from their subterranean berth.
I rushed to be the first in line;
a radioactive spider bite!
I would become . . . Spidermac!
Spinning webs with spider might.
Halfway there, it dawned on me.
There was an origin more closely aligned
with a radioactive leak into the earth.
Yes. Another story comes to mind.
What if it's not a spider
that's affected by this leak?
What if . . . oh the horrors!
The havoc they will wreak!
Florida is filled with lizards.
Godzilla will now return!
And Mothra and even Gamera.
Rodan will have his turn.
The Florida Aquifer may be radioactively fouled,
poisoning the drinking water for us all.
But that threat pales in comparison
to a fire-breathing lizard, hundreds of feet tall!
What if the radioactivity spreads to Silver Springs
and affects the wild monkeys there as well?
It would be all over for us humans.
Does the name "King Kong" ring a bell?
Our robotics class may be mankind's last hope.
Albeit a small hope. A scintilla.
If we work and learn, perhaps someday
one of you will make . . . MechaGodzilla!