September 16, 2016

The Harvest Moon arrives tonight.
When lycanthropes roam the street
and turn into cursed werewolves
all they attempt to eat.

No. That doesn't sound exactly right.
But the Harvest Moon DOES appear tonight.

Tonight, the second full moon of the month
will appear in the nighttime air.
It isn't really blue, of course,
but it is extremely rare.

No wait. That's a blue moon.
Don't worry. I'll get this pretty soon.

Tonight a large cow
will jump over the moon
And somewhere a dish
will elope with a spoon.

Oh no. That's really wrong.
That's like a nursery rhyme or a song.

The Harvest Moon's gonna be
shining bright
and bring my baby back
to me tonight.

Nope. Blue Moon of Kentucky.
One more try. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Tonight's Harvest Moon is when the full moon
appears nearest the Autumnal Equinox.
So remember to wake up at 12:01
and set back all of your clocks!

No, it's not Daylight Savings Time tonight,
but at least I finally got Harvest Moon right!